Advantages & Benefits

The Celluveyor meets all requirements for modern intralogistics systems simultaneously including economic aspects.


Process flexibility

The overall functionality of the Celluveyor can be adapted practically by pressing a button. Through a simple software update and without mechanical modifications, for example, the system can be converted from a simple conveyor to a sorter or an infeeder for automatic palletising.

Layout flexibility

The basic idea of cellularity enables a high adaptability of the layout of the conveying system. The basis are simple mechanical connections between the modules for easy removal or addition. A change of the Celluveyor’s layout is thereby detected by the control software and adjusted accordingly, without having a longer downtime.

Throughput flexibility

The modular design also offers the advantage of easy adaptation to changes in the conveyed material. If a conveying system reaches full capacity, it will be replaced or supplemented by a second machine. The Celluveyor can be adjusted efficiently by simply adding or removing modules to the new throughput.

Flexibility of conveyed goods

Objects can be transported independent of shape and size. They only need to have at least the dimensions of a module and have a flat contact surface.

Ease of maintenance

The simple mechanical construction and the use of standard components and interfaces are a good basis for a high degree of robustness. However, should a conveyor module fail during operation, this is detected by the controller. It will be disabled and bypassed by the packages. Thus, a complete failure of the system is prevented. The logistician can replace the defective module in a few minutes and send it for repair.

Energy efficiency

The short-term activation of the drives that are actually in contact with the conveyed goods, and low internal friction of the mechanical components enable a high energy efficiency.