Celluveyor on Material Flow Congress in Munich

Industry 4.0 is the dominant topic at conferences and trade shows. In addition to several fascinating future visions, a variety of promising solutions is already being introduced. Intralogistics is particularly affected and in many fields leading towards the Smart Factory. Systems come into focus that enable an intelligent and efficient automation.

Against this background, and with the motto “Logistics in a digital world”, the Celluveyor was presented at the 25th German Material Flow Congress 2016 last Friday. On the campus of the Technical University of Munich Hendrik Thamer presented the new system under the title “Cellular Conveying Technology for Highly Flexible Material Handling Systems” to experts from industry, associations and academia. The numerous movement possibilities for packages and the many intralogistical functionality adjustments provided by the celluveyor could convince the audience as well as the mechanical implementation and the control concept of the new technology. The audience was particularly impressed of some video sequences presented at the end of the talk, which showed celluveyor’s possibilities like palletizing, parallel movements, rotatation and sorting packages.

We are happy to answer your questions on the celluveyor, modular conveyor technology, flexible material handling systems and logistics in the field of Industry 4.0.

Further information: Website Materialfluss-Kongress 2016 / VDI